Business Model Generation

Why BMG Workshops?

Business Model Generation Workshop will introduce the business modelling canvas, business model innovation and practical examples to innovate your business plan.

This workshop will benefit both start-ups and established creative businesses, providing an understanding of the business model canvas that can be applied to any business. This 15 hours’ workshop will benefit individuals, marketers, strategist, product developers, project managers, business owners, entrepreneurs and business developers from across all industries, who may or may not be familiar with the business model generation canvas model.

Workshop Contents:

  • Understand the components of a business model.
  • Build a Coherent Business Model.
  • Articulate their Business Model clearly to other stakeholders.
  • Communicate their Business Model to investors.
  • Business models case studies – international leading companies.

Workshop Guide:

For detailed information about the course, please download the course guide here:

course guide1