Pizza360 Project Simulation

Pizza360 Project Management Simulation Workshop-A Challenging Project Management Game for Project Managers  & Project Team Members

In today’s highly competitive and dynamically changing business environment, where time, money and resources are always in short supply, companies highly depend on project managers and their project team members to get more work done within tight timelines and budgets. Successful project delivery depends on skilled managers and engaged, committed and highly motivated team members who know how to use and apply common tools, common project language, skills and common processes to avoid potential pitfalls and painful results.

Pizza360 Workshop Game engages participants in an intense project that lasts four simulated weeks. Small teams of participants move through project milestones, status reports, project charter, make critical decisions, communicate with Pizza360 stakeholders, all under tight deadlines and shifting information. Within 14 hours, teams work with a Gantt Chart, estimate potential delays and costs, evaluate the critical path, assess project risks and make important decisions as they drive a project towards its success.

How it Works:

Business Site has finished a software project for the development of an online pizza ordering website for Pizza360 Company. The project has failed and now the company is hiring the players as project management consultants in order to identify what went badly in the project.

The players will receive a set of project documents including:  the project charter, payroll sheets, letters, flyers, brochures, project plan and the status reports of all four weeks of the project duration. The players then have to analyze the project documentation and revise its progress and calculating the schedule and cost variances as well as the performance indexes for week 3 and 4 of the project.

Target Audience:

Project managers new to their responsibilities; project managers who would benefit from a refresher; project  managers who would love to gain new Hands-On skills and techniques, project team members who need to understand concepts, terminology, tools and techniques.

Training Outcomes: 

Participants will understand the five key processes of project management; the constraints of time, cost and requirements; how to use meetings and status reports to clarify project sponsors’ milestones; project evaluation; activity sequencing; risk evaluation and the ability to calculate and interpret variances as well as the ability to calculate performance indexes (Cost Performance Index (CPI) and Schedule Performance Index (SPI)) to monitor project progress as part of Earned Value Management.

Time Frame:

Pizza360 is an eight hours program, incorporating a four-hour knowledge session and a four-hour game session.

Workshop Guide:

For detailed information about the workshop, please download the course guide here: