Imagine if you could effectively start, initiate, plan, execute, control, and report the progress of all your projects consistently.  What would it mean if you could effectively deal with the different project and management expectations, team, and business and suppliers? What could you do after training that covered the tools, tips, and skills needed to handle all aspects of the project management life cycle, regardless of the size and nature of your projects?

Well, you can do all that, while learning a structured project management approach and best practices, with LAD Management Consultancy!

At our workshops, you will develop your skills in:

  • Implementing a solid approach to project structuring
  • Successful organization of project teams and board members
  • Effective use of sponsors and steering committees for governance and decision making
  • Proven tools and techniques for effective project planning and scheduling
  • Successful project team assignment, building and coordination
  • Effective monitoring and control of the triple constraints
  • Addressing and avoiding project pitfalls

The benefits of simulation workshops?

There are many reasons and advantages for using simulation within the learning and development environment.  Principally, these are that simulation:

  1. supports learning by doing, especially around decision making and interpersonal skills, where seeing the outcomes of actions is important
  2. provides a safe environment where mistakes will not be costly and the feedback loop is relatively fast
  3. engages the learner, especially the senior manager, with a stimulating, realistic and often pressured environment.

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