Our Approach

Fed up with the lack of flexibility of some training and consultancy providers?

“Always remember that Project Management Training and Consultancy isn’t one size fits all”

Companies and organisations in Sudan and the Middle East have chosen us in the past because we listen to the needs of our clients and develop a tailored approach, combining existing methodologies and terminologies with latest guidance on project management and risk management best practices and then devising a range of training events appropriate to the different roles responsibilities within the organisation. Projects are inherently risky. Highly visible, often with tight deadlines, a limited budget and multiple stakeholders who all know best!

“According to one world renowned survey over 31% of projects will be cancelled before they ever get completed”

In order to address this failure rate – LAD Management Consultancy can assist in tailoring your project management approach. Tailoring your Project Management training can be extremely cost effective and always assures:

  • The resultant training is relevant to your staff and industry.
  • The company will use standard terminology across the organisation by enhancing communication and effectiveness.
  • Competencies can be determined and measured to ensure successful implementation in projects.
  • Develop templates and guidelines specific to your organisation’s needs to make the learning usable.
  • Standardize your project approach throughout the whole organisation.

 “We have been helping organisations in Sudan and the Middle East with consultancy, training and hands on workshops for over ten years”

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