Whether you’re looking for an individual course or a full certification program, we have the complete range of training you could need. Across the breadth of our portfolio we are able to offer both official courses from leading professional bodies, and also a wide range of in-depth courses developed by our own subject-matter experts. Our range of courses are continually updated to reflect the latest industry developments and feedback we receive from our customers.

“Always remember that, well trained project management teams accomplish more and one way to ensure their commitment is to involve them in the planning process”.

LAD Management Consultancy provides project team members the right skills and knowledge to participate. As part of our project management consulting services, we offer project management methodology development, risk management, project management training, and facilitator training for all stakeholders in your organization from team members to managers. We also have advanced training classes for your experienced managers and individuals involved in project portfolio and strategic divisions.

“LAD Management Consultancy project management training fills the knowledge gap between team members and provides a consistent approach for use by the entire team”.